2018-19 President Kiyohide Muto

The , KanazawaHyakumangoku Rotary Club became 20 years old this year.

I show respect today for labor of the many seniors who built the club  foundation and thank cooperation and guidance of the Rotary district and other clubs.

By the way, the old no people seem to have thought about a number of 20 years of 20 with there being a meaning.

It is change of its place of Ishezingu , once in 20 years again, Manyoshu and Kokin tanka collection  are 20 bands and  total finger number of both hands and both legs.

Then Ise-jingu Grand Shrine pours enormous materials and trouble once in 20 years and it lasts in 1300 and why will continue updating it?

At first it is thought that  materials constituting rotting, the technical succession and lternation of generations and  a storage time limit of dried rice. It was thought by the outlook on life that thanks the working natural "repeatedly" for 20 years.

A human being becomes an adult at 20 years old, but both a heart and a body are gradually tense when they become a social member, and it is drained into business and forgets that they live with nature.

After all an effort will be necessary, this applies to an organization, and to continue.

I pray you that it wants to be the Rotarian who had "the soft body" which can deal with "soft heart" corresponding to a change of the times and it is valuing accumulation every various definite decision.

A Rotary Club is nembers of an adult having wisdom.

Members of various occupations gather and can enlarge own world by a direct meeting talks directly.

Furthermore, through one concrete service, I can pay more attention to the world widely as well as an area.

I will deepen understanding to different culture and environment natualy,   by shaking an opinion and by a different viewpoint each other.

I want to spend happily with all members of such a club one year , please thanking you in advance?